4 Riverside Attack Suspect Arrested After Surrendering In Isiolo

Detectives have arrested four of the suspects they listed on Sunday evening as wanted in relations to the Riverside Drive attack after they surrendered.

The first suspect was Gaddafi, who also goes as Munene, was arrested on Monday morning at Isiolo.

 He surrendered to the Police after his parents convinced him to do so.

Gaddafi is reported to have worked at the at Tiles and Carpets Centre along Mombasa Road for ten years as a driver.

Attempts to get an official comment about the arrest from Tiles and Carpets Centre were futile as they refused to address the issue.

However, some colleagues termed him as a rather quiet man who would have hardly passed as a dangerous terror suspect.

After Gaddafi's arrest, three more suspects surrendered. they include Ali Abdi Kachora, Boru Abdi Bidu, and Ramadhan Rasho.

The DCI believe that they were among the suspects who traveled to Somalia to join Al Shabaab.

On Sunday, January 20, 2019, the DCI released a list of six suspects whom they believed had links to the Riverside Drive attack.

The six Included Didu Mohamed FugichaHussein Adan HusseinGadaffi MuneneAbdi Ali KanchoraBoru Abdi Bidu, Ramadhan Wario Bonaya, and two other unidentified suspects.

The detectives believe that the six aided in organizing the attack. They urged civilians to alert the police promptly in the event that they spotted any of the suspects.

Members of the public were also warned to be alert as the six suspects were armed and dangerous.

So far, authorities have nabbed more than 20 people in connection to the attack.


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