MPs' Secret Plot for Ksh7 Million Pension Payout

  • Legislators who lost their seats in the 2017 General Election have initiated a secret plan to get an additional Ksh7 million pension payout.

    This is despite having received Ksh5.9 million each last year.

    Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) has asked Treasury to allocate Ksh2.1 billion for the 300 lawmakers.

    Should the commission get its way, the money will be paid to former MPs who lost their seats in the last General Election after serving only one term.

    PSC argues that MPs must get a send-off package equivalent to 31 per cent of the total pay earned during their term in office like other state officers such as governors.

    “It has been determined that the commission should request the National Treasury for the full amount of gratuity that would accrue to all one-term members of the 11th parliament in the forthcoming 2nd supplementary budget.

    "For budgeting purposes, this is to request you to calculate the total amount of gratuity that would be due to all one-term members,” the letter signed by PSC secretary Jeremiah Nyegenye read.

    The former legislators have been pushing for speedy payment of the additional cash.

    Parliamentary Pensions Acts stipulate that only those who serve for two terms or more are entitled to a monthly pension of at least Ksh 125,000 for the rest of their life.

    As a rule, lawmakers pay 12.75 per cent of their salary as their pension contribution.