How Cartels Are Using Dead People to Import Vehicles

Fraudsters are now using dead people’s identification cards to import and register vehicles going by the latest discovery.

One such case is that of Mariam Omar who passed on in 2014. Her documents show she is alive and with immense wealth.

Her family was shocked when they learnt that Mariam is the registered owner and operator of three commercial trucks and a major importer of vehicles and knock-down car parts.

According to a report by The Standard, Mariam was buried on August 30, 2014- a day after she died at the Alfarooq Hospital.

Her young brother, Omar, found out about this information by chance. He wanted to sell land registered in her name to clear the hospital bill she had accumulated, when the Government’s revenue portal revealed the immense wealth that she had.

Miriam lived a life of destitution together with her husband, Swaleh Rashid and four children. Her hospital bill was a problem and it was only until the family surrendered her title deed that her body was released.

Government records revealed that she owned a 13-tonne Isuzu truck and Toyota matatu registered in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

“I was shocked to find out that someone was using my sister’s identity to execute fraud,” Omar stated.

The Standard also possesses documents that reveal her identity card was allegedly used even before she died.

More to that, the documents show several transactions that were carried out in her name years after she was buried.

Rogue government officials are likely to be perpetrating the multi-billion shilling scam by using fake identity cards as the one belonging to Mariam.

This follows the arrest of top NTSA officials who were charged for liaising with criminals to produce fake registration number plates.

The move to look into the transport sector came after it was discovered, the car driven by DusitD2 terror suspects to the scene of crime had the same exact number plates as another vehicle.

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