Construction of Ksh38 Billion Dam Stalls After Italian Contractor Files For Bankruptcy

  • Beginning of construction at the site of the dam Twitter
  • Construction of the proposed mega-development project of the Itare dam in Kuresoi, Nakuru County has stalled.

    The contracted company indicated that it no longer has the capacity to continue undertaking the huge development project from the beginning of 2019.

    The fate of the dam now remains uncertain since the Co-operativa Muratoi Cementisti Di Ravenna (CMC Ravenna), which was supposed to complete the project by 2021, is no longer engaged with fulfilling its mandate.

    President Uhuru witnessing the signing of the deal for the construction of the Itare dam in Kuresoi

    The Italian construction firm had completed 49 per cent of the project by the time it filed for bankruptcy.

    Project management agency, the Rift Valley Water Services Board (RVWSB), is experiencing a hard time convincing stakeholders that the project will be continued and possibly completed in time.

    The primary objective of the project was the provision of clean water for consumption and use by 800,000 residents in Nakuru County.

    John Kitilit, the Chairman of the board, indicated that a delegation from the Ministry of Water had met with the Italian ambassador to discuss the matter.

    They agreed that the project will be subcontracted to another worthy company.

    “We managed to negotiate with the Italians who signed the loan agreement with the National Treasury and we agreed the project will go on,” Kitilit indicated.

    The Chairman, however, added that the board, together with the Ministry, was still considering other legal avenues of dealing with the issue until a proper solution is found.  

    Efforts by to reach a representative of the Italian company were futile since it closed down its Nairobi offices in 2018.

    Construction work at the Itare dam site in Kuresoi