Driver Reveals Damning Evidence About Suspect in Mary Wambui's Murder

  • From left: Mary Wambui Kamangara, Joseph Kori Karue, Judy Wangui Mungai Twitter
  • Michael Githae Mathenge, a car-hire services operator, confessed to the police that he helped the suspect, Judy Wangui Mungai, dispose the body of businesswoman Mary Wambui Kamangara.

    On Friday, Mathenge led detectives to a thicket in Ruiru where he and Mungai dumped the items used to dispose of the body. Clothes used to wrap the body and a knife were recovered.

    Missing, however, was the pressure cooker and a carpet that Mathenge told police was spread on the back seat of the deceased’s Mercedes car where they laid the body on their way to disposal. 

    Mathenge told detectives that Wangui killed Wambui and hired him to help her dispose of the body. They both carried the body from the kitchen and placed it in the back of the car.

    Michael Githae Mathenge at the Kiambu Kaw Courts on February 6, 2019

    Mathenge disclosed that they drove to Mugutha, where the body was found on Sunday, January 27. 

    He also mentioned that Mungai contemplated plunging the car with the body into the dam but later changed her mind.

    In what would be an indictment of the lax manning of roadblocks, Mathenge told detectives that they passed a police check at Kamiti Corner and they were waved on with only insurance being checked.

    Furthermore, he revealed that Mungai confessed to him that she killed Kamangara by hitting her on the forehead with a pressure cooker.

    This is in line with post mortem findings, that Kamangara's head was hit with a blunt object nine times before being suffocated.

    The report concluded that she died of brain concussion, with the skull having been crushed by between two and seven centimetres. 

    Kamangara was killed in Mungai's house, on Saturday January 26 under circumstances that are yet to be fully established.

    Mungai is believed to be the mistress of Joseph Kori Karue, Kamangara's husband.

    Judy Wangui Mungai.