Uganda Issues Shoot-to-Kill Order Against Kenyans

  • Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni inspecting a Guard of Honour at a police passout ceremony. Daily Nation
  • The Government of Uganda issued a shoot-to-kill order in regards to Kenyan pastoralist communities who cross into their country while armed. 

    State Minister for Karamoja Affairs, Moses Kizige explained that while the Ugandan government had disarmed Karimojong warriors, armed Pokot and Turkana cattle rustlers from Kenya threatened their security.

    “The government didn’t disarm the Karimojong to allow armed pastoralists from neighbouring countries to disturb them. We shall now start killing them to save the lives of our harmless people in Karamoja,” he announced.

    Police officers at the scene of a crime.

    Meanwhile in Kenya, Butula Deputy County Commissioner, Winston Murunge, also issued a shoot-to-kill order in Busia County as a way of addressing rampant insecurity in the border area. 

    "There is no need of arresting an armed criminal; just shoot to kill such elements to avoid blame games that emerge when suspects are released on bond," he told officers. 

    He pledged that he was ready to accompany them to pick the bodies of slain thugs. He regretted that armed gangs have been terrorising residents. 

    In January 2019, one person was killed, one injured and more than fifty houses burnt down following separate altercations between residents from two villages along the Busia-Kakamega border.

    Speaking about the incident the Deputy County Commissioner told journalists that he had talked to administrators from Kakamega County and assured locals of their security. 

    “We call on our people from both sides to be peaceful as we get to the bottom of the matter. We have also talked to our officers and administrators on the Kakamega side and we are going to ensure that peace prevails,” he urged. 

    A police officer at the scene of a crime.