School Water Poisoned in Bizarre Attack in Kirinyaga

  • Police cordoned of the area as they gathered evidence Twitter
  • Students and teachers at Kaminji Primary School, Kirinyaga County were shocked on Tuesday morning, when they discovered their school had been vandalized and their water tank poisoned.

    Upon entry, the students found shattered window panes scattered in their classrooms and desks ransacked and tipped over.

    A pungent smell emanating from the main water tank affirmed that the unknown vandalists had poured strange substances into the water meant for consumption at the school.

    Shocked residents during a past incident

    The headteacher, Henry Gitura stated that given the motive of the strange attack being a mystery, learning had been effectively disrupted.

    "We suspect that the raiders gained entry into the compound and destroyed the property. We also suspect that they messed up the water used by the children," Gitura narrated.

    He went on to disclose that the teacher and pupils felt that their lives were at risk, and called upon the police to step in and apprehend the unidentified culprits.

    "The lives of the pupils and teachers are threatened and the police should act swiftly and bring the wrongdoers to book," added Gitura.

    Some members of the teaching fraternity needed reassurance from colleagues before they could step into the school compound, following the initial shock and trauma experienced upon discovery of the inexplicable occurrence.

    Mwea MP, Kabinga Wathayu made his way to the grounds and condemned the heinous act while assuring the school fraternity of their safety, and that the relevant authorities would get to the bottom of the matter.

    "I will allocate Constituency Development Funds to put up a fence around the school for security purposes," Wathayu affirmed.

    Mwea West police boss, Joseph Matiku was also present at the crime scene and called on all the school stakeholders to exercise patience as his officers carried out their investigations.

    Mwea Mp, Kabinga Wathayu (second from right) during a previous engagement

    Several teachers and students were questioned in an effort to identify any possible witnesses that could lead to the capture of the miscreants.