Robert Ouko: Daniel Moi's Minister Who Predicted Own Death 3 Days Before Assassination

  • Former President Daniel Moi's powerful Foreign Affairs minister Robert Ouko might have predicted his own death three days before his body was found.

    According to Nation, reporters who visited the late minister's village of Koru established that he might have known at the time that he was going to die.

    Ouko, reportedly, attended a church service where, in a teary manner, demanded to address the congregation in a heavily silenced church.

    “On Sunday, February 11, 1990, the minister attended a church service at AIC Koru and he asked to address the congregation,” reported Nation.

    What, however, stunned people was his choice of a Bible verse to share. He opened the Bible and read Job 7:1-14.

    “Human life is like forced army service, like a life of hard manual labour, like a slave longing for cool shade; like a worker waiting to be paid... When I lie down to sleep, the hours drag. I toss all night and long for dawn... My body is full of worms. It is covered with scabs. Pus runs out of my sores... Remember, O God, my life is only a breath; my happiness has already ended,” reads the Bible verse.

    Three days later, the powerful minister was found dead with a can, a pen, spectacles, a walking stick, a torch and a pistol next to the body at Got Alila Hills.

    The assassination prompted the then President Moi to hire a foreigner to lead investigations into the murder of the minister.

    The events that, however, followed the assassination further fueled fears as witnesses began dying mysteriously.

    Among the people that were mentioned as suspects in the murder were the late Minister Nicholas Biwott, former PS in the Office of the President Hezekiah Oyuki and former Nakuru District Commissioner Jonah Anguka.

    Moi later disbanded the commission tasked with probing the death and accused the 176 witnesses who recorded statements of peddling rumours.

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