Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi's Nephew Implicated in KShs26M Car Fraud

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  • Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi's kin, Osman Abdi Jimale, has been implicated in a fraudulent car scheme that cost the county KShs 26 million.

    According to reports, the wife to the kin, who is the nephew to the Governor, was allegedly the recipient of KShs 12 million diverted from the purchase of a second-hand vehicle.

    According to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), a graft ring that involved family members had colluded to defraud the county millions through the purchase of two vehicles but only ended up acquiring one second-hand type.

    The sleuths, therefore, froze three accounts belonging to a construction company for further investigations that involved that of the nephew's wife.

    Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi

    The detectives also impounded the purchased vehicle, a Landcruiser V8, for inspection and valuation.

    Jimale reportedly formed the ring with two directors of the construction company for the purpose of defrauding the county government

    Further investigations by the detectives revealed that the fraudulent money had not been accounted for in the county's financial budget.

    In July 2018, Kshs26 million was paid to Daayo Limited, run by the Governor's nephew, who then split the amount with KShs 14 million paid to purchase the vehicle and KShs 12 wired to the spouse's account.

    This was, however, not the first time the county governor's kin was implicated in a scheme.

    In November 2017, Mohamed's wife, Kheira Maalim Omar, was facing arrest for failure to settle a KShs 74 million debt she owed to three businessmen who leased a premise from her but never owned it.

    Lancruiser V8. The governor's nephew fraudulently acquired a second-hand car similar to the one above.