Strange Criminal Terrorizing Residents of Posh Estates

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  • A burglar has been terrorizing residents of Kileleshwa and Kilimani area.

    Those who have seen the victim have nicknamed him 'spiderman' due to his ability to scale from one floor to the other.

    He is believed to have stolen a foreigner's gun on Thursday night while on February 10, 2019, he managed to steal a safe loaded with money from one of the houses he broke into.

    CCTV image (Capital FM News)

    The woman, whose house the burglar had broken into, was in shock when she found out someone was in her house without her knowledge. The incident led her to fall ill and had to be rushed to the hospital.

    A CCTV footage that emerged online shows, the man in white sports shoes, a blue trouser and a grey t-shirt. He is seen tip-toeing from one house to another and climbing the pillars from one floor to another.

    A number of incidents have been reported at the Kilimani Police Division and other nearby stations.

    In one incident, a victim had accused her house help of stealing her safe and even reported her to the police at Kileleshwa police station.

    “She kept on insisting she was innocent. We decide to retrieve the CCTV footage only to see the man climb floor after floor,” an office manager stated.

    A detective at the Kilimani police division suspects the burglar could be colluding with security guards in the affected areas.

    Kilimani residents have accused police of failing to act fast before the burglar causes more harm.

    Kilimani police station