Single Mother Rejects House From Uhuru

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta addressing a press conference at State House. Facebook
  • A single mother who president Uhuru Kenyatta promised to construct a house for, has rejected the gift terming it as substandard.

    Damaris Wambui Kamau whose son Dennis Ngaruiya wowed the Head of State with an exciting poem four years ago expressed her disappointment to journalists over what was promised versus what was delivered.

    “This is a big joke. Look at this house. It has cracks on the outside and looks like a semi-permanent house while President Kenyatta in his wisdom meant well for us as a family.

    “Why is that officer at State House playing tricks on me and my son. One day President Kenyatta will know these tricks," Kamau stated.

    The house at Murunyu area in Bahati constituency, Nakuru county.

    She claimed that the house at Murunyu area in Bahati Constituency, Nakuru County was previously occupied and therefore not new as claimed by State House officials.

    “When they bought this plot they did not involve me. They bought it and called me to occupy the house but I rejected it,” Kamau added.

    State House Spokesperson and Head of Presidential Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU) Kanze Dena who spoke to the Nation stated that the house was in good condition.

    “From the information, I am gathering, the house was built and it is furnished but the lady claims the house was made of waste papers. I don’t understand what she meant by that.

    “What was agreed upon when the family met the President at State House has been delivered. What is missing is cutlery and mattresses which will be procured," she told the publication.

    President Kenyatta took a liking to Ngaruiya's poem in October 2014 during the Kenya Defence Forces day celebrations at 3KR Barracks in Lanet, Nakuru.

    Dennis Ngaruiya greets President Uhuru Kenyatta during the Kenya Defence Forces day celebrations in October, 2014.

    At the event, Ngaruiya addressed the president, “Though there have been small setbacks in your path, you never cease to build Kenya bwana, ama namna gani?" a statement that left Uhuru in stitches.

    The boy was later invited to State House during the 2015 Mashujaa day celebrations where Kenyatta assured that his fees would be paid until he completed university. 

    Dennis Ngaruiya with President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto at State House in 2015.