Meet MP Olago Aluoch Who Owns an Island Worth Half a Billion Shillings

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  • Kisumu West MP John Olago Aluoch is one of the wealthiest yet silent leaders from Nyanza region. He is the proud owner of Maboko island in Lake Victoria.

    The island is valued at over Ksh 500 Million, an amount that the legislator termed as being conservative in his interview with Yvonne Aoll sometime back.

    Maboko, which is alternatively referred to as Camp Tom Island measures around 5 acres and is located offshore the Seme area. Seme is about an hour and a half drive from Kisumu City.

    A section of the Maboko island

    The island has a main block that is made up of three self-contained suites that are well furnished.

    At the center of Maboko is a helipad for the helicopters commuting to and from the island.

    The common mode of transportation to the island, however, typically involves the use of a powerboat.

    Every now and then, the legislator likes to steer the powerboat himself as he heads to the island with friends or family.

    Olago remains to be ranked among Kenyan politicians whose financial worth is unknown and who hardly give out the impression of being wealthy.

    Nonetheless, the MP is well known for engagements in fearless stunts like going head-to-head against the ODM Party which is highly popular in the region and engaging in gimmicks to humiliate Raila Odinga.

    He managed to defend his seat twice, in 2013 and 2017, using the Ford-Kenya party ticket.

    Kisumu West, which he represents, is one of the seven constituencies that make up Kisumu County.  

    A self-contained suite at the island
    Kisumu West MP John Olago Aluoch