How Cleaner Earned Ksh26 Million From Samburu Loot

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  • Details have emerged of how a cleaner pocketed Ksh26 million from Ksh2 billion allegedly looted by Samburu county officials.

    The embezzlement involved allies, county officials and relatives with proximity to the centre of power in the county government.

    The revelation comes two days after EACC detectives raided and searched the homes of Samburu Governor Moses Kasaine in both Samburu and Nairobi.

    Governor Moses Kasaine (second from left) during a past meeting

    According to People Daily, the cleaner was instructed to register a firm into whose account a whooping Ksh26 million was subsequently deposited.

    The staff who works in the Department of Agriculture is among county officials who allegedly embezzled millions from the public coffers.

    A report by EACC details how the county staff engaged with the county government receiving a total of Ksh673 million while another share of Ksh970 million paid to companies, for services allegedly not rendered, went to senior county employees as kickbacks.

    “During the period, several companies were paid Ksh970,062,482 for various contracts out of which they paid Ksh86,290,105 in bribes to senior county staff, ” the report reads in part.

    36 county officials reportedly shared out Ksh86.3 million in kickbacks after contractors were awarded tenders worth Ksh1 billion for works partly done or not done at all.   

    According to detectives, county officials registered companies that were subsequently awarded contracts worth over Ksh700 million but with no service being rendered.

    EACC detectives linked Governor Kasaine to Ksh73.9 million allegedly paid to his petrol station.

    Samburu County government offices