5 Statements Prof Magoha Made During Vetting That Had Kenyans Talking

  • Prof Magoha speaking during his interview in the National Assembly Twitter
  • Professor George Magoha was on Thursday morning taken through the paces in a thorough vetting process by the National Assembly.

    Mr Magoha was nominated by President Uhuru Kenyatta as the next Education Cabinet Secretary (CS) in the recent cabinet reshuffle.

    The outgoing Kenya National of Examinations Council (KNEC) Chairman gave a lively interview which caused a stir on various social media platforms.

    Here are some of the statements made by the former University of Nairobi (UoN) Vice Chancellor that sparked conversation.

    Prof George Magoha during his parliamentary vetting process

    1. On 2018 KCSE/KCPE Examinations 

    When grilled on last years' examination results, he vowed to set up a competency-based curriculum and then revealed that:

    “In the last examination, 87 students got an A while 415 students got A-. Almost 50 percent got zero in mathematics and we gave them 1 so that the computer could pick their results.”

    He nevertheless promised leniency on the transition process: "Next years exams will shock Kenyans. There will be less wastage. The curriculum review is already addressing that."

    2. His thoughts on being suitable for the job

    When asked why he felt like he was the man for the job and not just there as a form of fulfillment to grant a certain tribe a piece of the pie:

    “I believe I was appointed to this position because of my ability to serve. If I was appointed to represent the Jaluos then I would ask you not to approve my appointment,”

    Adding that, "If you want me to serve political interests, with all due respect, am the wrong person for the job".

    3. When questioned on his relationship with CS Matiang'i:

    "I don’t discuss individuals in my life. He is my referee now. He is one person who suggested to the president that I be appointed the chair of KNEC. I didn’t look for the job... I’m free to make friends."

    4. On matters corruption 

    When he was quizzed on corruption, he responded by stating that he believed that graft was the biggest threat to the big 4 agenda, adding that:

    "I do not trust anyone! I don’t trust myself too! So don’t trust me, let’s just work!

    "If I am not listening to Jubilee politics what makes you think I will listen to the other one?" he further posed.

    5. The Midas touch

    He went on to state that everything he had done in his illustrious career had proven successful but warned the parliamentary panel that if they were looking to politicise his appointment they should let him turn down the offer and leave to do other things.

    "Everything I have ever touched I always have succeeded, failure has never existed in my vocabulary.

    "I was trained never to trust anybody, that even when you delegate, you never delegate completely because if you delegate completely then you lose control," he quipped.

    Here is the video: