TVET: Courses Offered and Colleges in Kenya

  • Our education system has prioritised examinations and assessment scores over comprehensive learning of diverse disciplines.

    The devaluing of so-called blue collar jobs in Kenya has become a mentality borne out of a contorted notion of the education’s function in the society.

    Further to this, perceptions of boring old machines, dirty greasy overalls and smoke-filled factories have been sustained over time by more than just a rigid education system.

    More so, politics of national investments, value placed by corporates on college degrees, prestige bestowed upon white collar jobs, have all greatly contributed to these myths.

    This is where TVET authority comes in.

    What is TVETA?

    The Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) is a corporate body that regulates the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

    As a state corporation in the Ministry of Education, TVETA was established under the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority Act in the year 2013.

    The authority aims at delivering a labour market relevant and competent workforce through registration, licensing, accreditation and development of institutions, programs, and trainers.

    In order for the authority to effectively carry out its functions of regulating, promoting and developing TVET sector, it emphasizes on integrity, professionalism, accountability, public participation, and teamwork as the core values that guide the delivery of its work.

    Services offered by TVETA

    TVETA offers services such as accreditation of institutions, trainers, managers of institutions and also new programmes.

    The authority also ensures that institutions conform and maintain standards of training set by the board in the areas recommended by the authority.

    The authority regulates this sector through licensing, registration and accreditation of institutions, programs, and trainers.

    The authority is also mandated to conduct assessment and examination of Certificate or Diploma, or any skills, knowledge, and qualifications acquired from any institution, local or foreign, to determine the extent to which it conforms to the established standards and guidelines.

    These courses are offered by different institutions that the authority has approved at different levels.

    Therefore, if you want to enrol for any of the TVET courses, just contact your nearest institution for inquiries.

    Institutions approved by TVETA

    The following is a list of the different institutions that have been accredited by the authority to offer the best TVET courses in Kenya.

    Aberdare Institute of Business Studies and Catering

    Aberdeen College of Accountancy

    Academy of Graphic Technology

    Achievers College of Professionals

    Achievers College of Professionals- Njue Plaza

    Achievers School of Professional Studies

    ACK Bishop Muge College

    ACK Bishop Hannington Institute of Theology and Development Studies

    Adept College of Professional Studies

    Adex School of Business Studies

    Beam International Training Centre

    Beacon of Hope Vocational Training Centre

    Barut Youth Polytechnic

    Bartek Institute Eldama Ravine Campus

    Baraka Vocational Training Centre

    Bandari College

    Catherine McAuley Nursing school-Mater Hospital

    Cascade Institute

    Bywinnie Beauty Training Institute

    Busia Vocational Training Centre

    Dominion Farms Training Centre

    Diligent Vocational Training College

    Dexter International College

    Ebusiralo Vocational Training Centre

    Eastlands College of Technology East Africa

    Institute of Professional Counseling

    House of Plenty Vocational Training Centre

    Highseas Training Institute of Business And Technology

    Institute of Energy Studies and Research

    Institute of Advanced Technology Argwings Kodhek Campus

    Imani Marianists Maria Training Center

    Imani Marianists – Chaminade Training Centre

    Ikutha Vocational Training Centre

    Jodan College of Technology - Thika

    Joan School of Nursing

    Kaganda Vocational Training Centre

    TVET courses in Kenya

    The following is a list of the approved TVET courses in Kenya:

    Certificate in Disaster Management

    Certificate in Social Work

    Certificate in Community Development

    Certificate in Business Management

    Diploma in Information

    Technology Diploma in Business Management

    Certificate in Tour Guiding

    Diploma in Journalism

    Certificate in Electrical Engineering

    Certificate in Supply Chain Management

    Certificate in CPA

    Diploma in Computer Engineering

    Certificate in Computer Engineering

    Certificate in Food Preparation &Culinary Arts

    Diploma in Human Resource Management

    Certificate in Human Resource Management

    Diploma in Catering and Accommodation

    Certificate in Catering and Accommodation

    Artisan in Building Technology

    Artisan in Fashion design and Garment making

    Grade III in Electrical Wireman

    Grade III in Tailoring & Dressmaking

    Grade III-1 in Masonry

    Grade III-1 in Hairdressing

    Diploma in Homecare Management

    Craft in Homecare Management

    Diploma in Kenya Registered Nursing

    Trade Test in Motor Vehicle Mechanics

    Trade Test in ICT

    Diploma in Food Production

    Craft in Food Production

    Diploma in Food Production, Sales and Service Management

    Diploma in Pastry and Bakery

    Diploma in Housekeeping

    Craft in Food Production, Sales and Service Management

    Diploma in Housekeeping and Laundry

    Diploma in Tourism Management

    Certificate in Media Techniques

    Diploma in Media Techniques

    Diploma in Psychological Counseling

    Craft in Psychological Counseling

    Diploma in Animal Health and Production

    Diploma in Animal Health and Range Management

    Diploma in Leather Technology

    Craft in Leather Technology

    Craft in Animal Health and Production

    Craft in Animal Health and Range Management

    Diploma in Insurance Proficiency in Insurance

    Craft in Insurance

    Craft in Information Technology

    Craft in Entrepreneurial Agriculture

    Craft in Dairy Management

    Craft in Dairy Science and Technology

    TVETA contacts

    You can get in touch with the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority through the following contacts;

    Location: TelePosta Towers 25th Floor, Wing B, Kenyatta Avenue

    Postal Address: P. O. Box 35625 – 00100, Nairobi.

    Phone number: +254 20 2392140

    Email address:

    TVET website: