How Lack of Business Cards Got Kalonzo Musyoka Ignored During Foreign Trip

  • Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka (left) and former Kitui senator David Musila at a past function. The Standard
  • Former Mwingi South MP David Musila, a close ally of former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, revealed how lack of business cards saw the latter ignored during a foreign trip.

    In an article on Daily Nation, Musila revealed that as a confidant and foot soldier to the VP, he once accompanied him to a desert, Middle Eastern country.

    "This was a special trip. My role as Chairman of the Liberal Democratic party (LDP) was to help him lobby for campaign funds.

    "I printed many business cards, indicating my designation as the chair of the LDP," Musila stated.

    Former Kitui senator David Musila at a past function

    To Musila's surprise, the country took the title of chairman and the business cards so seriously that he anticipated.

    "I was ushered into a suite while Kalonzo was given a single room. I received all the VIP treatment," he recounted.

    It took them four days before they could meet their host, the country’s Foreign minister since he had travelled to Bahrain on holiday.

    "After a brief discussion in his office, I was requested to step out and wait in the adjacent room.

    "I never got around to asking him how much he was given and neither did he volunteer the information," Musila stated.

    Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka

    The former MP stated that despite being Kalonzo's elder, he did many things for him out of his respect for their community, the fact that they came from one district, Mwingi, and the relationship that they had established.

    "Many a time, I went on campaign fundraising missions across the world on his behalf. Some of these missions placed me in extremely awkward and embarrassing situations," Musila added.