Two-Month-Old Baby Loses Arm and Leg After Vaccination

  • Image of a baby receiving a BCG jab Daily Nation
  • A two-month-old baby - Austin Njoroge was forced to undergo a surgical operation to amputate his right leg at the ankle and left hand at the wrist.

    Baby Austin's parents - Peter Gitonga and Leah Waithira, told The Daily Nation that his complications began after an allegedly botched BCG vaccination.

    The visibly sad parents asserted that the surgery was necessitated by negligence on the part of the medical staff during Austin's vaccination.

    "He got the BCG jab in his left hand and the polio vaccine orally, but when we got home I noticed that he seemed very uncomfortable, had difficulty breathing and refused to be breastfed," Ms Waithira narrated.

    Image of Peter Gitonga and Leah Waithira cuddling baby Austin - Photo Courtesy of the Daily Nation

    Baby Austin's mother went on to reveal that upon closer inspection, she noticed that the spot where he had received his BCG shot was cold and numb.

    This led them back to Kihara hospital in Kiambu county where he was born on February 7, 2019 and later on received the vaccination.

    The doctors assured them that the vaccination couldn't have caused their son's complication and proceeded to carry out various tests.

    It was during a routine blood extraction process to check on sugar levels that Ms Waithira pointed out negligence by the doctor.

    "The doctor pricked one of the fingers in the left hand but there was no blood, he then used the same needle to draw blood from the right foot after which he claimed that the sugar levels were too low," she revealed.

    By the following day, baby Austin's left hand had turned dark blue and a few hours later his right foot developed the same condition.

    He was then referred to Kiambu Level Five Hospital for advanced treatment but immediately referred to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) upon arrival.

    His condition deteriorated after one and a half months of treatment at KNH where he developed fluid-filled swellings in the affected parts which then burst, resulting in the gradual rotting of his arm and leg.

    It was at this point that amputation was recommended and despite the doctors telling the parents that the condition wasn't caused by his vaccination, the parents questioned why baby Austin developed complications at the very spots in which he was injected.

    Bacillus Calmette–Guérin (BCG) vaccine is a vaccine primarily administered to counter tuberculosis.

    Image of a cross-section of the Kenyatta National Hospital