Murang'a Court Clerk Burnt To Death by Angry Mob

  • An irate mob descended on Murang'a court clerk, Stanley Mureithi Muriuki, burning him to death after he refused to bury his son on family land at Gitumbi village in Kirinyaga County.

    Nation reported that the diseased returned home after celebrating good Friday at a nearby market when he found the area's residents making plans for the burial of his son.

    He, then, reportedly told them that the burial would not take place on his piece of land but the residents insisted which resulted in a quarrel.

    His 18-year-old son who was identified as Kelly reportedly committed suicide but no reasons had been established yet.

    Residents spotted at the scene where Murang'a court clerk Stanley Muriuki was burned to death.

    Muriuki argued that he would exhume the body if the residents went ahead with their plans. This supposedly drove the planners berserk who attacked him and set his house on fire.

    Residents claimed that the clerk had abandoned his son leaving him to the care of his grandmother after he chased away his wife.

    "Mr Muriuki hated his son and never provided for him. When his son killed himself, he openly vowed to block residents and relatives from burying him on family land. This angered the people," the paper quoted one witness.

    Corroborating the story, a relative, Jenifer Njoki, informed Nation that the residents knew Muriuki hated Kelly and that he would not allow his burial on his land.

    His colleague revealed that by the time the rescue team arrived, Muriuki had already been murdered and his house razed to the ground.

    Police took his remains to Kerugoya Level Five Hospital mortuary.

    An undated image of Murang'a Law Courts.