Fisherman's Net Catches Bombs in Lake Victoria

On Monday, fishermen working in Lake Victoria netted three bombs as part of their day's catch.

The bombs are believed to have been left in the lake by colonialists.

A fisherman Speaking to The Star noted that he thought he had caught a large shoal of fish only to pull up the nets and find the bombs.

“We reported the matter to Mbita Police Station and the bombs are being examined by the security officers,” a fisherman reiterated earlier on Tuesday. 

Since then, there is fear among local fishermen that they may set off other bombs in the course of fishing.

Homa Bay County DCI boss Daniel Wachira has since noted that the matter was sent forth to bomb experts in Kisumu to determine the bombs' destructive power, weight and when they were dropped in the lake.

Wachira also went on and expressed the need to enlighten the fishermen on how to handle colonial bombs especially since this is not the first occurrence of its kind.

“This is not the first time the weapons have been found in the lake. We do not know the number of bombs that might have been dropped there,” Wachira reiterated.

The fishermen have since been urged to report any suspicious looking objects to relevant authorities.

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