Kenya Power Clarifies Whistle-Blowing Tender Advert

  • Kenya Power, on Wednesday, issued a clarification on a whistle-blowing tender advertisement that appeared on local dailies.

    In the advert, the company sought the 'Provision of anonymous whistle-blowing services' a statement that caused confusion among many Kenyans who came across it.

    The picture made rounds online with some questioning what the institution meant by the services they sought.

    "Not very many things confuse me but this is an exception. Kenya Power could you explain this circled section further please. I'm interested," one user noted.

    Clarifying the intention behind the tender, Kenya Power took to Twitter explaining that they were in the process of "putting in place an online anonymous reporting mechanism to promote ethical culture.

    "We are the process of procuring the services of an independent professional firm to effect this. Apologies for the confusion arising from tender advert."

    The company also invited tenders for the provision of car hire services for Coast region, Purchase of materials for brand implementation and Procurement of fumigation Services North Eastern Region.