Musalia Mudavadi Comes to Rescue of Mt. Kenya Businessmen

  • ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi on Thursday met the Mt Kenya business community in Thika where the group poured out their frustrations against President Uhuru Kenyatta’s poor policies.

    They included exporters, retailers, manufacturers, transporters, microfinance operators, SACCO leaders, and property owners.  

    They lamented that the high taxes, heavy borrowing, mismanagement of public funds and corruption had destroyed the economy. 

    Alfred Wanyoike, the leader of the delegation stated that the government needed to solve the existing problems facing entrepreneurs in order for them to thrive instead of creating challenges.

    “We are looking for a country where we can easily do business and make good returns. We also want challenges facing our people addressed by the government,”  Wanyike stated.

    Former Gatanga MP Humphrey Njuguna stated, “Our businesses are going down and we are being harassed by authorities who seem less bothered. Intensify the fight against corruption, ensure fair taxation and not extortion."

    Mudavadi on his part asked the government to address the issues raised by Kenyans and offer good leadership and transparency.

    "We met today and the issues my brothers and sisters are raising are serious. We can’t have a government heavily relying on taxes to run its activities at the time corruption is rampant,” he stated.

    “The high rate at which we are forcibly being taxed amounts to extortion,” he added. 

    The group also pledged full support for Mudavadi in the 2022 polls and asked Uhuru to involve Kenyans at all levels of decision-making.

    “The future of this country belongs to all Kenyans irrespective of tribe, status, and class. Musalia has shown that he can lead and we will also stand behind him to change and build this country,” Njuguna stated.

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