Matatu Driver Dies after Hitting Police Lorry

  • A matatu driver died on the spot, on Friday, after the car he was driving rammed into a police lorry at Msalaba along the Eldoret-Kitale highway. 

    Eyewitnesses told journalists the matatu hit the lorry in a head-on collision. The passengers in the police lorry were unharmed. 

    The police lorry is said to have been travelling at a low speed when the matatu swerved drove into them. Police officers suspect that the driver was either drunk or fatigued which slowed down his response which led him to lose control.

    A police officer in the lorry explained, "He moved to our right side and hit us. There is a possibility that he was fatigued that is what caused him to lose control."

    The matatu was coming from Kitale heading to Eldoret. The injured in the matatu were rushed to Eldoret Referral Hospital. 

    This comes in the wake of another accident happened on the Kitale Lodwar highway, where a lorry rammed into shops killing one person.

    The unmanned lorry transporting good started moving after the driver left it and ren over market stalls along the Kitale-Lodwar highway.

    Three more people were injured in the friday evening people but were rushed to hospital.

    Traders on the Kitale road are complaining about the abnormally high number of accidents on the road caused by the steepness of the road.

    The body of the deceased was taken to Eldoret Morgue where it awaits identification by the family.