Chief Officer Who Deposited Ksh 1.3B Despite a Ksh90K Salary

  • The EACC is seeking the help of the Asset Recovery Authority to pursue property valued at more that Ksh10 billion belonging to former Nairobi County Chief Finance Officer Jimmy Mutuku Kiamba. 

    Detectives discovered that within the six years that he was in office, Kiamba deposited approximately Ksh1.3 billion in his bank accounts. 

    The transactions were suspicious because he earned Ksh90,000 and if he saved his salary without spending a single cent, Kiamba would not have made anything close to what was discovered in his accounts. 

    His ill-gotten wealth afforded him a lifestyle that many only dream of at the exclusive Runda Grove, which is a favourite for the rich and famous.

    Kiamba has defended himself as an astute businessman who made his fortune by, among other things, selling water from his borehole to residents of Machakos County, livestock trading in Narok and growing wheat and maize in the same region as well as rental income.

    His wealth declaration before the period in question, however, reveal the steep climb into his billionaire status.

    In 2007, he declared that he had earned Ksh831,840 from his salary and had assets worth Ksh1 million (a plot worth Ksh 400,000 in Athi River and a car worth Ksh 600,000).

    In his declaration for the period between November 1, 2007, and October 31, 2009, he indicated his gross salary was Ksh1 million for the two years and had earned Ksh 600,000 from rental income for the two years. 

    Kiamba added that he had rental flats in Athi River worth Ksh2.7 million and a Totoya RAV 4 car worth Ksh1.2 million.

    It was then that his wealth started soaring through the roof. He started depositing from between Ksh 50,000 to Ksh70 million a day. 

    If one was to believe the income was from his many businesses, then September 11, 2014, was a particularly good day for Kiamba. 

    On that day, Ksh83.6 million was deposited to his accounts and became the single highest amount ever deposited to his accounts in a day.