'Pigwa Shoka' Musicians Apologize to Ivy Wangechi's Family

'Pigwa Shoka' musicians have apologised to slain student Ivy Wangechi's family for their song that has angered a number of Kenyans.

The song seems to champion for the killing of women using an axe just like Ivy was allegedly killed by Naftali Kinuthia. 

In the apology video, Sheddy Empire producer, Kashni, apologised to the friends, family and colleagues of the late student, citing that they just did the song for fun.

"We are here to apologize to the family of Ivy because of our song Pigwa Shoka. We never meant to hurt anyone. We just did the song out of fun and creativity," Kashni stated.

"We also have sisters and daughters, we wouldn't want anything like that to happen to them," he added.

In the song, some of the people are carrying axes and are in T-shirts that are blood-stained.

On his Twitter page, Kenya Film Commission Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua stated that the creators of such content would face the law.

“We are following up to ensure that there is heightened surveillance on this kind of content. 

"We have also alerted DCI to find the creators and producers of such content and ensure that they face the law,” Mutua stated.

Mutua added that the argument that banning dirty content amounts to promoting the content is warped logic.

"It's like saying that police should not warn people of a terror attack for fear that people will run towards the scene instead of running away," he stated.

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