Ruto Surprises Family Which Had No Idea Who He Was

  • Deputy President and an aide embark a helicopter after arriving for a political rally in 2017. Twitter
  • Deputy President William Ruto made a surprise visit to a family in the remote Nayane Aroo area of Lotikipi Plains, Turkana County that didn't even know who he was. 

    After Ruto's chopper landed outside the isolated huts in Turkana West, he stepped out but the villagers were clueless about the personality that stood before them. 

    Nation reported that the residents could speak neither English nor Kiswahili and any communication was done through a translator.

    Deputy President William Ruto with Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok and Turkana West MP Daniel Epuyo in Nayane Aroo, Turkana West on 13/05/19

     The local leaders, among them Turkana  Governor Josphat Nanok and area MP MP Daniel Epuyo informed them that their guest was the country's Deputy President.

    The MP told journalists that DP Ruto took interest in the village when he spotted the isolated huts while coming from a function in the constituency.

    "We flew over Lotikipi plains in Turkana West, our main activity in the morning. In the middle of the journey, we saw some families that captured the DP's interest," Epuyo explained.

    The family was established to be that of Lowoos Ekebe and a neighbour Ekomolo. 

    The conversation that happened between the leaders and the locals were about water, food and education for the children. 

    The MP was glad that Ruto could see for himself the need for irrigation to boost farming in the region. 

    The DP gifted the family an undisclosed amount of money and ordered the Rift Valley Water Services Board to immediately drill three boreholes in the area.

    Upon learning that the closest school was more than a kilometer away, Ruto also promised the locals to build a school in the area.

    Deputy President William Ruto and Turkana West MP Daniel Epuyo interact with a member of the family they visited in Nayane Aroo, Turkana West on 13/05/19