US Ambassador's Stern Warning to Kenyan Corrupt Leaders & Their Kin

  • US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter speaking at a past event. The Standard
  • US ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter on Friday vowed not to allow corrupt Kenyan leaders and their children into the US.

    Speaking at the 100 years celebrations of the Junior Achievement Organisation in Nairobi, the US envoy emphasized on the need for Kenya to be an environment free of corruption. 

    He stated that it was unfair for the common mwananchi to be brutally punished for the theft of smaller amounts of money, whereas the ‘big fish’ got away with theft of billions.

    "You cannot allow somebody to steal Ksh20 billion and fine them Ksh10 billion. We will deal with thieves in a very brutal way, not even according to the law," he maintained.

    US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter speaking at a past event.

    According to McCarter, Kenya would have to make a choice between the Big Four agenda and theft, adding that without corruption, the Big Four agenda was achievable.  

    “Somehow, we tolerate the theft of billions in Kenya. If we stop tolerating thievery, Kenya will be a shining star for democracy and prosperity in Africa," he divulged.

    Furthermore, McCarter assured Kenya that the US was working with the DCI and DPP to ensure that corruption was a thing of the past.  

    He added that the the two per cent and three per cent GDP growth was little, stating that Kenya had a greater potential.

    “Two per cent, three per cent GDP growth is complete can double the size of the economy,” he affirmed.

    McCarter also urged the Kenyan youth to make use of their God-given talents and invest in other people in order to boost the economy by eradicating unemployment.

    US ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter holding discussions with DCI boss George Kinoti in his office on May 16, 2019