4 Kenyans Steal Sh1.4 Billion From South Sudan President

  • Four Kenyans were on Monday sentenced to life in prison by a High Court in South-Sudan for engaging in massive embezzlement of funds.

    The four, who were charged in a group of 16, had been accused of stealing Sh1.4 Billion from President Salva Kiir's office on different occasions.

    The suspects reportedly withdrew part of the colossal amount from the country's Central Bank while the rest was obtained from Kiir's office.

    Between 2013 and 2015 when the country was battling in ethnic wars, the convicted officers were also accused of forging signatures of the President and other government officials including writing fake cheques.

    According to Sudanese media, other officers who were jailed for life alongside the Kenyans included an employee from the Finance Ministry, staffers at the State High Office of President Kiir and another from the central bank.

    Last year, five Kenyan nationals were arrested and detained in South Sudan for allegedly forging documents which they were said to have used in stealing approximately 200 million dollars from various banks across the world – including the Central Bank of Kenya.

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    In March, a Saudi Arabian Prince accused three Kenyan businessmen of going behind his back and robbing him of millions of shillings in a multi-billion food security company they jointly owned.

    Sultan Bin Nasser Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, who was the majority shareholder in an establishment identified as Arafco Agriculture Integration Company, filed a lawsuit accusing the three of forging his signature to transfer his 900 shares out of the 1000 shares to another company - Milestone Developers Limited.

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