Passaris Storms Out During Sonko's Abusive Speech

  • Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris on Saturday walked out of the county's Madaraka Day celebrations at Pumwani Police Grounds after being bashed by Governor Mike Sonko.

    During his address, Sonko stated that Passaris was not above the law in regard to a plan by the latter to construct toilets in the city.

    "Passaris, you are not above the law. You have to comply with the Physical Planning Act. You should show us where you want to build the toilets. 

    "We won't give you approval if you want to build them on top of a sewerage line, a drainage or along a road," Sonko stated.

    He went on to explain that Passaris should not be bothered by his food donations since it does not concern her.

    Sonko also weighed in comments made earlier by Passaris that he never picks her calls.

    He explained that he's always busy and doesn't have his phone with him all the time.

    "You've complained that I don't receive your phone calls. If I'm in a meeting like this one, I can't receive calls because I don't have it on me. 

    "If I'm at the United Nations, I can't receive calls. I also call the president at times and he doesn't pick. I can't complain because I know he's a busy person," he explained. 

    The tipping point was when Sonko told Passaris that he's not her husband to receive her calls all the time. At this point, Passaris stood up and left the venue.

    Sonko proceeded with his speech unbothered by Passaris' departure.

    Here is the video courtesy of NTV