Governor in Trouble Over Massive Destruction

  • Nandi Governor Stephen Sang is being sought by authorities after leading residents in uprooting tea at Kibwari estate on Friday.

    The Standard reported that police want the first-time governor to explain the destruction of some 2,500 mature tea bushes at the estate which is managed by Eastern Produce Kenya (EPK) Ltd.

    Nandi County Police Commander Thomas Ngeiywa told the publication that Sang is needed to answer questions over the destruction.

    “We are looking for the governor who was at the tea estate on Friday evening and part of yesterday where some 1 acre of mature tea was destroyed,” stated Ngeiywa.

    He also asked leaders to look for amicable ways of resolving disputes.

    "People need to sort out issues through legal manner rather than resorting to destruction,” he added.

    Sang led county officials and residents in storming the estate on Friday.

    He later explained that the move was meant to repossess a four acre piece of land allegedly grabbed from the community.

    Reports indicate that a white man surrendered the disputed parcel of land to the community in the 1980s.

    The land had been set aside for the construction of a cattle dip. However, it was allegedly grabbed from the community in 2003.