Magoha Blasts Critics Over Ugly Face Remarks

  • Education CS Prof George Magoha has responded to remarks made by many Kenyans about his physical appearance. 

    In the past, many citizens have noted that the Professor rarely smiled and appears unattractive, giving off the semblance of a very tough guy. 

    He seemed to have been in a mood to answer to all allegations that have been made about his character. 

    Speaking during a Kenya Secondary Headteachers Association (KESSHA) conference in Mombasa on Tuesday, the CS responded to the critics who had also accused him of arrogance. 

    “I am going to explain to you the way I look. I know niko na sura mbaya (I have an ugly face). But having said so, my strength and firmness come from God," he spoke.

    “I am a professor and people say I am proud. Yes. If I am not proud of myself, who is going to be proud of me?

    "So you should also be proud as teachers because teachers are the most important professionals," Magoha told the school heads. 

    He also claimed that since he was an alumnus of Starehe Boys Centre, it was not possible for him to be arrogant since he was trained to be a servant leader.

    “How can a Starehe boy be arrogant? We are trained to be servant leaders by example and that is why you see me everywhere.

    "I am telling you this so that you don’t listen to other descriptions of the son of Magoha,” he explained.