Fake Marriages in US Land Kenyans in Trouble

  • An image showing a couple in a wedding ceremony where one partners puts a ring on the others finger. Three Kenyans are facing charges for fake marriages in the US Twitter
  • Three Kenyan immigrants in the US have been charged by a federal jury of marriage fraud. Should they be found guilty, they risk the possibility of their US citizenship being revoked.

    Reports by local media in Kansas City, Missouri show that that the three had been found guilty of procuring fictitious marriages with the sole intention of skipping the hectic legal process of acquiring a permanent residence which often tends to lead towards citizenship by naturalization.

    The Kansas City listed Nellie Mbote (35). Rodgers Onyango Guche (39) of Cypress, Texas and Fidelina Mwelu Mutisya (59) of Winchester, Ohio as those who were facing crimes of fraud by misrepresenting themselves as genuinely married couples, in a bid to deceive the system for green card purposes.

    An aerial view of Kansas City, US. Three Kenyans have been indicted by a federal jury in Kansas City

    Ms Mbote, a resident of Lee's Summit, East of Kansas City Missouri was charged for the roles she played in the marriage fraud.

    The three were also charged with criminal conspiracy by the US federal prosecutors.

    It is a massive blow to Kenyan immigrants in the US at a time when President Donald Trump has sought to tighten immigration laws.

      US citizen Bruce Pritchett had appealed to well-wishers earlier this week to sign his petition to President Donald Trump after his efforts to legalize his Kenyan wife’s status was rejected by Immigration authorities.

      Bruce's wife, Salome Pritchett, is facing deportation after the US Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS) denied her a green card for allegedly “marrying a white man.”

      The two got married in 2015 and have a three-year-old son together.

      President Trump has been very vocal on passing and implementing very harsh laws to regulate the numbers of immigrants who often flock the United States of America.

      US President Donald Trump speaking at a past event. He has been very vocal on implementing tough immigration laws in the US