Female Security Guard Making Waves in Kenya's Gospel Music Industry

  • A 22-year-old singing sensation is taking the Kenyan gospel industry by storm thanks to her undeniable talent as well as her unique story.

    It's not every day a young girl working as a night security guard in order to make ends meet gets a shot at stardom, however, when opportunity knocked on her door she grabbed it with both hands.

    The Homabay resident just happened to spot Victor Mbuvi of the kwata kawaya smash hit while on duty at a local hotel.

    She then decided to approach the musician whom she admired and asked for a selfie before going on to disclose that she loved singing, but circumstances didn't allow her to focus her passion as bills needed to be paid.

    Miraculously, Mbuvi gave her his number and asked her to send him her demo track which she did through WhatsApp and the rest, as they say, is history.

    Mbuvi took her under his wing, going on to help her launch her debut track titled ajabu, as well as a video which has slowly but steadily been gaining momentum.

    The sultry-voiced gospel singer's story is that of defiance against all odds right from the very start, having once revealed to KBC TV that her dad had been constantly pestering her mum to abort her back when she was still a foetus.

    "I'm so grateful that I was born and I knew from very early on that God had a plan for me," she asserted.

    She further confessed that her dad then turned to the bottle back when she was in class eight, which resulted in a string of disasters for the rest of the family.

    He turned into a fully fledged alcoholic to a point where he used every last cent he had to feed his addiction, thereby neglected basic duties of providing for his family.

    The little they had was taken over by auctioneers forcing her mother to split the family up by sending them to various family members and friends as she just couldn't afford to look after them.

    That is how the songstress found herself living in Mombasa with a family friend who managed to see her through form 1 before she found herself unable to sustain the new expense, forcing Maybelle to drop out.

    Luckily, her local church kickstarted a talent search show which promised financial compensation for the winner, but in a sad twist of fate, the music producer in charge of the show demanded that she sleep with him after she won in order to guarantee that she was awarded the prize.

    Based on her faith, she turned him down and focused on finding a job, ending up as a private security guard, a post in which she ended up running into the music producer that went on to change her life.

    She is currently working on several projects as well doing various interviews on local stations, in a bid to promote her debut single.