How Waihiga Mwaura Helped Intern Land High-Profile Job

  • A social media user, on Friday, revealed how Waihiga Mwaura helped him secure a job at Royal Media Services (RMS).

    The man identified as Sam explained that the Citizen TV news anchor really assisted him during his internship days.

    He disclosed that he bumped into Waihiga outside RMS offices and engaged him in a conversation.

    The celebrated journalist then helped him land an internship at the media outlet.

    But he didn't stop there, he also gave him the right titles of the bosses and taught him how to address them. 

    After finishing his internship, Sam got to a job at RMS and became colleagues with Waihiga.

    Netizens showered Wahiga with praise for his kind gesture to Sam never mind the fact that they did not know each other.

    Brian Emmanuel posted, "What goes around definitely comes around."

    Doro Stan commented, "This is awesome. Waihiga looks like the kind of guy that can help people. Could this be applied to cross other fields?" 

    Mwangi Wandia wrote, "I do believe that your mark in Nairobi will only be realized when you house a jobless ambitious person or village mate. Because we all deserve a chance."