Citizen TV Anchor Emotionally Recounts His Gruesome Bullying in School [VIDEO]

  • Citizen TV's News Gang team from Left: Francis Gachuri, Yvonne Okwara, Linus Kaikai, Jamilla Mohamed and Joe Ageyo. Twitter
  • Citizen TV anchor Francis Gachuri is the latest addition of Kenyans who have recounted their own bullying experiences while in high school.

    In an emotional condemnation of Nairobi School bullying, that sent one student to brain surgery theater, Gachuri disclosed that at one time, while in Form 1, he was forced to sing lullabies for some senior students.

    While speaking during the News Gang show, the journalist added that some of his friends were asked to fulfill weird demands like fetching darkness and talking into smelly shoes.

    "I have heard some friends narrate how they were handed a pen and a piece of paper and asked to draw sweetness. Some have even been asked to fetch darkness in a cup.

    "When I was in form one, some form 4 asked me to sing him lullabies. I know of a friend who was handed a smelly shoe and asked to call his father at home," narrated Gachuri.

    An image showing the Nairobi school.

    He also criticised heads of schools for allowing such acts to thrive right under their noses accusing some of being fully aware but still doing nothing.

    "Let's not pretend, school heads are aware of bullying if and when it happens in the institutions they are managing. Though they may not expressly sanction or endorse it wherever and whenever it happens, principals cannot be innocent. Errors of ommissions are errors all the same," continued the scribe.

    On July 9, Nairobi School hit headlines after an extreme case of bullying forced a student to seek surgery of the brain.

    In an exposé by Citizen TV, a 15-year-old student was reported to have been battered by prefects at the school, to a point where he was unable to talk, recognize his brother and had to use diapers.

    A report conducted by a consultant radiologist further stated that the boy had fluid in his brain and was in need of urgent brain surgery.

    The school principal, however, denied that the student was bullied, narrating to the reporter that the teenager had been sent home for coughing.