Kamene Goro to Undergo Surgery After Accident [VIDEO]

  • A screenshot of Kamene Goro in a hospital bed File
  • On Thursday, former NRG Radio host, Kamene Goro, took to her Instagram page to inform her followers that she injured her knee on Wednesday night at her new apartment, and that she was set for surgery.

    According to Kamene, she was rushed to Karen hospital due to the severe pain she was feeling.  

    So yesterday I had a pretty unfortunate incident at the house I just moved into. I damaged my knee pretty badly so I came to the hospital on Wednesday night.

    Former NRG breakfast show presenter, Kamene Goro

    “I really struggled to get an MRI. I was pumped with painkillers and I had to get the MRI this morning, only for me to be admitted and told that I will have surgery,” Kamene revealed.

    The emotional radio presenter revealed that she was pretty scared but appreciated the love and warmness she felt from her well-wishers.

    “The incident has taught me a lot of lessons. But remember, we are bigger than our struggles,” Kamene disclosed.

    Kamene Goro's recently moved from NRG Radio, a move that did not come without consequences for her. 

    Last month, in a one-minute clip that was posted on her Instagram page, Kamene revealed that she was having a tough time after leaving the radio station.

    She wondered how she would make ends meet after an order was issued by the court preventing her and Andrew Kibe, he former co-host, from going on air at Kiss FM.

    Sources privy to the matter revealed that Kibe and Kamene had signed a non-compete clause which prohibited them from joining another media house until after three months.

    Former NRG presenters, Kamene Goro, and Andrew Kibe pose for a photo.

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