Lawyer Cliff Ombeta Tells Off Justice Lesiit After Skipping Court [VIDEO]

  • A collage photo of lawyer Cliff Ombeta and Justice Jessie Lesiit Facebook
  • Lawyer Clifford Ombeta, on Friday, told off Justice Jesse Lesiit after she ordered a probe into the illness the advocate claimed to have been suffering from, forcing him to skip court on Thursday.

    He appeared at Milimani Law Courts on Friday, casually dressed, a sign that he hadn't gone to defend his client. He produced evidence that he had been seeking medical attention. 

    The case is about the murder of lawyer Willie Kimani, where Ombeta is representing police officers accused of killing the advocate, hs client and a taxi driver who was driving them.

    Speaking to journalists outside the courtroom, he castigated the court for trying to get to the bottom of his illness.

    Lawyer Cliff Ombeta speaking to journalists

    "My ailment, in as much as the court wants to know what it is, is not in their domain. It is between me and my doctor," Ombeta stated. 

    The advocate added that he had another appointment with a specialist on Monday, and thus he would also not attend court on that day.

    "I will not be in court on Monday, because that appointment is there and it is crucial for me and my health. I will not proceed with this matter today, I will not proceed with this matter on Monday.

    "If there are any further orders from my doctor not to proceed, I will not come to court, let them do what they can do about it," he dared.

    Ombeta also faulted the prosecution lawyers and as well as the judge for past delays regarding the case. 

    He stated that Justice Lesiit had deferred the case on a number of times she wasn't available and also deferred some rulings.

    The prosecution team had also been granted adjournment severally for not meeting investigation deadlines.

    Lawyer Cliff Ombeta at Milimani Law Courts on July 12, 2019