Linda Ogutu's Weekend Plan to Punish Neighbour Gets Mixed Reactions

  • KTN anchor Linda Ogutu, on Friday, unveiled her plan to deal with a neighbour who had forbidden children from playing near her house.

    Taking to social media, the journalist stated that she was not pleased by her neighbour's conditions and as such would take matters into her own hands.

    Arguing that the area had many children, Ogutu stated that it was not fair to limit their play area.

    In response, the journalist revealed "So I have decided that tomorrow I will take my daughter, and her friends and camp outside her house with football, radio for dancing.

    "We have to allow kids to be kids," she concluded.

    Her comment elicited mixed reactions from a section of Kenyans online with some encouraging her plans.

    "Send me the location. I will bring my whole neighborhood! Kids must be kids," one netizen quipped.

    One user, shared her experience with a neighbour who was less than accommodating to children visitors.

    "Another one will never allow other kids in her hse but will want her kids to ply with ours in our houses.I have learned to lock out her kids and allow others in my house," the user stated.

    Other were of the opinion that the anchor was just looking for a reason to be a nuisance to the neighbour.

    "If it's her house, why can't you give her piece of mind? Take your kids to Kasarani or Nyayo there is a large free field there It seems you hate the neighbour naturally so your looking for away to provoke the neighbour," the netizen stated.

    "Basically, you are planning to use your daughter and friends as tools to provoke your neighbor, if you have no better plan to settle it and you have resorted to brewing a fight, then leave the kids out. Enda ucheze wewe mwenyewe. (Go and play there by yourselves)" another stated.