Githeri Man Comes Clean on His Viral Trolley Photo

  • Martin Kimotho alias Githeri man, on Tuesday, spoke out on the photo that went viral on social media revealing his sorry state since he got a presidential award.

    The photo, that showed him seemingly drunk on a trolley, is said to have portrayed his harsh struggle with alcohol addiction.

    However, Githeri man, who spoke to K24, dismissed the allegations claiming that he was only putting his acting skills to practice when the photo was taken.

    “I did not do anything wrong. If anything, it was me who asked to be put on a trolley. I am a comedian, and I wanted to entertain my people by pretending that I am a wealthy man being ‘chauffeured around’,” ascertained Githeriman.

    In addition, the 43-year-old admitted to engaging in excessive alcoholism after some of the business owners and corporates, who had pledged to help him financially, ditched him.

    “I have been knocking on the doors of people who promised to help me. However, they often tell me that they are not in a position to assist. What do you expect me to do when that is the case?” he questioned. 

    According to Robert Nga'ng'a, Kamotho's neighbour, when he (githeriman) got famous in 2017, there was a lot of excitement around him that translated into little money, however, he was never advised on how to spend it thus he fell deeper into the abyss of alcohol consumption.

     Another of his friends, Joseph Kairo commented that “after companies and prominent people left him on his own, he sought refuge in alcohol.”

    Githeri man was then admitted to Mama Care Rehabilitation Centre in Kiambu for alcohol addiction in June 2018.

    Later in December that year, he graduated from the facility alongside 76 others in a ceremony was graced by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    In August 8, 2017, Kimotho was photographed while on the queue carrying a plastic bag containing githeri (a mixture of boiled maize and beans), a meal consumed widely in Kenyan households.

    In his rise to fame, Kamotho received, among other goodies, product endorsement deals, vacation trip offers and a parcel of land in Ngong.

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