Shanty Mud House Where Governor Nyong'o Slept as a Boy

  • Kisumu Governor, Peter Anyang' Nyong'o, is well known both for his academic and political achievements. 

    The governor, who recently lost his mother, Dorca Nyong'o, was born in Ratta, Kisumu County.

    Nyong'o, who is a teacher’s son, later rose and became one of the notable voices behind the push for multiparty democracy.

    In a photo seen by, Nyong'o is seen showing Citizen TV anchor, Lilian Muli, the house he slept in as a boy.

    According to Lilian, the seasoned politician showed her the house that later served as a kitchen and a pen for sheep and goats. 

    As depicted in the picture, cracks in the old mud house tell a tale of the governor's tough times in the past. 

    The door, that is made of iron sheets and probably creaked when opened, ensured that the owner had to bend for them to go through.

    The faded colour of the dung used to plaster the walls and rusty iron sheets appear to store memories of a young Nyong'o.

    "Walking down memory lane, Professor Anyang Nyongo showed me the little house where he slept as a boy," disclosed Muli.

    "His late mother still kept the house that would later be used as a kitchen and shelter for sheep and goats," she added

    According to Dominic Otieno, a source who spoke to, among the Luo community, the house is referred to as 'simba'.

    A father built 'simba' for his boy(s) so that they slept separately from the girls, who mostly shared a sleeping area with their grandmothers.

    Later on, when the young man came of age, he would build a house that he would live in with his wife.