Day Esther Arunga Schooled Jeff Koinange on Freemasonry

  • A photo collage of former media personality, Esther Arunga and Jeff Koinange File
  • In February 2010, while at K24, award-winning journalist, Jeff Koinange, hosted troubled former KTN anchor, Esther Arunga, who went on to narrate that Freemasonry existed in the country and even detailed how they invaded her space.

    Nearly a year after quitting KTN, Esther stated that she wasn’t perturbed on revealing why the Masons were after her. 

    There have been inquiries into the Freemasons for years. They are very real and I know people are so scared. Freemasonry is a fraternal organisation that came out of obscurity back in the 17th century and it is administratively organised. It actually is a smokescreen for Satanism,” Arunga stated.

    An image of Joseph Hellon with Esther Arunga

    Jeff wanted to know what she was up to as Kenyans were worried about her. He was also interested in knowing why she had quit a lucrative career to join a controversial church, Finger of God.

    I have a message that could change the entire course of this country. Information that could make or destroy this country and powerful individuals herein. They know I have this information and have therefore reached out to the media to try and create a smear campaign against me,” Arunga declared.

    She went on to defend her church and reveal that the Freemasons infiltrated her church.

    People were misinformed. I was at Finger of God for over a year. I did not leave KTN to join a church. I always sort the real faith, Jesus Christ and doing what the bible does from the beginning to the end. The Freemasons invaded the church. Some people started coming into the church. Like Wilson Malaba and became part of the ministry, praying for and counselling people. He befriended my pastor Joseph Hellon. Hellon didn't know Malaba was a Mason," Esther proclaimed.  

    According to Esther, she came to discover questionable acts among the Masons.

    I was to marry Malaba, but looking at him, I started seeing things that perplexed me. I would see 15 logbooks and you know at that time I was coming from an innocent place. I didn’t understand the world of crime and freemasonry, I came to learn about Jesus. These people were invading my space. 

    A photo of Esther Arunga (l), Quincy Timberlake (c) and Joseph Hellon (r)

    I would hear people tell me that Wilson would bring girls from Florida and they would never be seen again. I started seeing things my own way, logbooks, number plates and that worried me,” Arunga revealed.

    Esther further stated that they conducted their activities in total secrecy. 

    It is very difficult to know if someone is a Mason. They are secretive. Among them are pastors and top politicians. The main motivation for joining is money. They give you a lot of money and they believe in sacrifices,” she claimed.

    The former media personality claimed that they were sent to kill her and that she was to die in a planned car accident. However, their plot failed. 

    Award-winning journalist, Jeff Koinange

    Here is the video, courtesy of K24