Stivo Simple Boy Narrates Pain of Monkey Jokes

  • Musician Steven Otieno, AKA Stivo Simple Boy has opened up on the stress of people comparing his face with that of a monkey.

    Simple boy recently shot to fame after reintroducing to Kenyans his hit song Vijana Tuache Mihadarati, on Ebru TV's Chipukeezy Show, which was released over a year ago.

    In a video seen by, the musician hailing from Kibera admitted that it was indeed painful to hear people making jokes about his face.

    He, however, stated that he had learned to develop a thick skin.

    "Walikua wananichezea kwanza na venye sura yangu inakaa. Walisema ati ooh sura yangu ni kama monkey… inauma but itabidi uzoee, najiamini.

    (People used to say I look like a monkey. You know, it is painful but there was nothing I could do but just persevere. I believe in myself )," he noted.

    He added that no one knows what the future holds and that the person who you might be despising today, could be the one to save you tomorrow.

    "Sisi wote ni wana wa Mungu. Kila mtu ni mwema hapa duniani.Huwezi jua kwamba siku moja huyo monkey ndio atakuja kukusaidia siku za usoni.

    (We were all made by God, everyone in this world is good in his own right, you never know the monkey may be the one to help you in future )," he remarked.

    According to Simple Boy, music his passion and he will use it to keep campaigning against drug abuse and crime that has affected many young people in Kibera slums due to unemployment and poverty.