Sonko Exposes Cartel Behind Ksh175 Million Scandal

  • Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, has disclosed details behind the city's loss of Ksh175 million to a cartel over unsupplied goods.

    Through his Facebook page, the stern governor gave out the name of the alleged swindling cartel-run firm and the identity of the owner.

    "There is a cartel called PROLAND owned by a Mr FREDRICK MUNGAI recorded a consent with Nairobi County during the previous administration to be paid 35Million for nothing," his post began.

    He went on to ascertain that the same cartel was paid amounts over Ksh50 million by the past administration for zero work.

    "They were paid over Ksh50 Million during the previous administration for supplying hot air," he stated.

    Sonko went on to reveal that the same syndicate was back colluding with police officers to swindle the county more money.

    "Now they are back, every time they always come with police officers arrest our finance staff and force them to pay more millions at the expense of taxpayers. So far they have already been paid 175,000,000/= for supplying air," he continued.

    The City Hall boss then went on to issue a terse warning to the cartel stating that he would deal with them squarely.

    "But as long as I am the Governor of Nairobi, I will NOT let any cartel steal county money," he affirmed.

    The governor also noted that once he filed a case to the relevant authorities, the file showing the payments disappeared. He gathered that this only proved that the illegal squad was working with insiders to siphon the county's funds.

    "The interesting thing is after the PROLAND cartel realised I want to refer their file to DCI & EACC for investigation of the payments made as corruption and even going to court to set aside the order, the original file with payment vouchers has now disappeared meaning the Cartel is working with insiders to loot the county," he continued.

    Sonko then concluded by stating that he would follow the provisions of the constitution to deal with the matter.

    "Bottom line: we know the law and section 16 of the Government Proceedings Act, Cap 40 is clear that no one can attach Government property or garnishee a Government (County) Bank Account or issue an order against a Government Official to effect amounts to attaching county property or garnishee against county account as is the import of the arrest orders," the governor noted.