Governor Waititu Released on 3 Conditions

  • Kiambu Governor, Ferdinand Waititu, and his wife Susan Wangari Ndung'u, were both released following a High Court ruling on Tuesday.

    In the ruling, the embattled governor and his wife were given three distinct conditions to ensure their freedom.

    First, the governor was locked out of his public office until further notice, to give way for further investigations.

    The court then ordered the governor, under probe over the loss of Ksh588 million in shoddy deals, to submit his travel documents to the relevant authorities.

    Waititu was then released on Ksh15 million bail, while his wife's bail was set at Ksh 4 million.

    Anti-Corruption Court Justice Lawrence Mugambi ruled that barring the county staff and their boss from accessing their places of work will ensure the integrity of the trial as well as public interest.

    The Magistrate's court cited the need to avert any form of witness tampering, as the key reason behind their decision. 

    Kiambu's Deputy Governor, James Nyoro, is expected to take over as the county head, until the court makes a final ruling regarding the corruption allegations laid against Governor Waititu.

    Waititu has on several occassions claimed that his misfortunes were being engineered by his political enemies led by his deputy.