Khalwale Tears Into Governor Over Hunger-Stricken Residents

  • Former Kakamega Senator, Boni Khalwale File
  • On Tuesday, former Kakamega Senator, Boni Khalwale, went on a rant over how "incompetent and uncaring" Baringo Governor, Stanley Kiptis, was, for neglecting his drought-stricken residents.

    Khwalale was speaking at NTV, where a discussion emerged over a malnourished young girl, whose skin was peeling over prolonged hunger.

    This child was captured at a rescue centre. It means someone is running an institution to help such kind of people, even though that person doesn’t have food to feed the people. It should be closed.

    Baringo Governor, Stanley Kiptis, speaking at a past event

    "There is a county government and a governor. If you go to his office, you will find parties in the morning, at lunchtime and in the afternoon, where they entertain themselves with food. Over and above that, they drive fuel guzzlers," Khalwale lamented.

    Khalwale, who is an ally of DP Ruto, further called upon the resignation of the governor.

    "Devolution was supposed to respond to a lack of food and lack of water. Instead, the governors have gone for projects that get kickbacks. We should all be ashamed by this and I wouldn’t be saying anything that isn’t in the minds of Kenyans by saying the governor should resign," Khalwalwe argued. 

    Former ODM MP, Jakoyo Midiwo, chipped in aggressively, ranting over fake food promises by the Jubilee administration. 

    "I am equally ashamed and embarrassed. We were told granaries were full by the DP William Ruto who said that there was no food shortage in Kenya. These are issues that are killing our children. Can we tell how old that kid is? If I were the governor, I wouldn’t be in supreme court looking for the division of revenue. What is he a governor for. This is a very terrible situation. I think he is a bad leader," Midiwo cried.

    Former ODM Legislator, Jakoyo Midiwo

    According to Citizen, most of the water points in Baringo dried up and were replaced by dry leaves of trees which shed as a way of adapting to the climate changes.

    The area has only one permanent spring called Lomet but the water trickling is very little and that is what the locals have to share with their cows.

    It takes up to 30 minutes to fill a 20-litre jerrican hence forcing the locals especially women and girls to spend their nights at the spring which is heavily invested by snakes.

    Baringo residents quenching thirst at a dam

    Watch the video, courtesy of Nation.