Nairobian Craze That's Making Headlines in England [VIDEO]

  • A number of things have put Nairobi on the world map and one craze tops them all.

    Reporters over at the media division of the English Premier League, were surprised that whereas football fans in England chant songs in support of their favourite teams, matatu owners in Nairobi paint their vehicles with graphics of their favourite teams. 

    They went on to showcase some of the public transport vehicles which were emblazoned in colours, symbols and faces of some of the biggest clubs in the league.

    To paint a picture of how much love it takes to showcase a team's love on such a vehicle, owners splash as much as Ksh 150,000 for a makeover. 

    The industry dwells on competition to be visible on the roads and stay relevant, especially with the start of the new season of the Premier League. 

    There are times passengers will choose which matatu to board, based on the graffiti plastered on it. 

    The industry has received worldwide acclaim for its unique and creative works of art.

    Moha Grafix, who is famous for converting automobiles into canvases on wheels, once told Forbes that the industry creates employment for thousands of young Kenyans.

    "It’s a competition and then it is people portraying what they love… What drives people to do this thing? It’s the most common means of transport, the cheapest and the fastest.

    "It’s been a part of Kenyan culture for a long time. It’s the easiest, fastest way to move around. And because at the moment now, there are very many matatus," he spoke.