The Part Uhuru Wants Deleted in His Viral Video

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta File
  • On Wednesday, landed on rare footage of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s video, where he stuttered at reading words in one of his speeches.

    Uhuru was recording a speech that would be aired out to the youth as they commemorated the International Youth Day in Kwale, on Saturday.

    To better align our education system with the changing needs of today’s youth, as well as the new realities and opportunities of a 21st century world; the Government introduced the Competency-Based Curriculum, in addition to creating 102 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) centres of excellence in public secondary schools,” Uhuru perfectly commenced reading his speech.

    Centres of!,” Uhuru stuttered after he seemingly went absent-minded, failing to read some words in the paragraph.

    The president failed to read the following words, as seen in his full speech posted on president.go.keIn these centres of excellence, cutting-edge training in...”

    A screenshot of paragraphs in Uhuru's speech that created a tough time for him

    Uhuru went on to instruct his Presidential Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU) to delete the messed up speech.

    Mtakata na mtasnip (You will cut and snip that part). So let me read that paragraph again,” Uhuru directed as he took the paragraph afresh.

    Uhuru did it perfectly well, reading the speech without any faults.

    The head of state went on to outline his perfect plan for the youth.

    Uhuru during the recording of the speech

    Watch the uncut video and the edited too.