Uhuru’s New Masterplan for the Youth

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta, on Monday, hatched an elaborate plan on how to empower the youth by improving innovation and creativity among the youth.

    Uhuru's directive to the Ministry of Youth and Gender, to oversee the refurbishment of youth empowerment centres in various counties across the country, finally paid off.

    "I am pleased to see that the Ministry concerned with matters of Youth has commenced an ambitious plan to refurbish and operationalize a total of 152 Youth Empowerment Centres across the country.

    “These centres act as ‘one-stop shops,’ where youth access key services as well as acquire skills for their personal development. 21 of these are already fully operational, with another 60 to be fully functioning by the end of 2019,” Uhuru stated via statement as he joined the country in commemorating the International Youth Day -2019, in Kwale County.

    According to Uhuru, the centres are expected to uplift the youth and ensure that talents, skills and innovations are fully tapped.

    “We expect each and every Young Person in the country to be able to utilize the services available within these centres to access online opportunities, acquire new skills and competencies.

    “Furthermore, the services provided in these centres will enable the youth to build collaborative networks with the like-minded enterprising youth in Kenya and internationally, receive training and mentorship, to mention, but a few,” the president divulged.

    Cabinet Secretaries, Margaret Kobia (Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs) and Joe Mucheru (ICT), witnessed the launch of the youth empowerment centres.

    The centres, which cost the ministry Ksh50 million to refurbish, were commissioned by 15 principal secretaries from various ministries and will serve as resource facilities and leisure spots for the youth in the respective regions.

    The refurbished centres will provide ICT services, guidance and counselling on drugs and substance abuse, and HIV/Aids prevention among others.

    They are also equipped for both indoor and outdoor games.