US Presidential Aspirant Grabs Headlines With Kenyan Belt

  • In an apparent boost for Kenyan-made products, American Billionaire and candidate for the 2020 US Democratic presidential primaries, Thomas Steyer, has specifically recognized and appreciated Kenyan female artisans for their work.

    During one of his recent campaign videos, he wore a Kenyan-made belt, which elicited a lot of reactions with many questioning the origin and asking why he chose such unique wear.

    He claimed that he bought the belt during one of his travels to the country, and it was sold to him by a woman artisan.

    Screenshot of the tweet.

    "I wear it as a reminder not to be so formal, and also as a symbol that the world is a better place when we educate women and girls," he conveyed.

    According to Forbes, Steyer's net worth is $1.6 billion, with his company Farallon Capital growing it into one of the most profitable hedge funds in America.

    Even though he has been on the sidelines for a very long time, Steyer is well known in the American political circles, having worked with President Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry amongst others.

    He is also the chairman of one of the biggest has deep business connections with business magnates like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. He is a big enthusiast for the environment and philanthropy.

    In August 2010, Steyer and his wife signed onto The Giving Pledge, an initiative of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. The pledge urges individuals and families to give at least half their wealth to charitable causes during their lifetime.

    Steyer has been compared and contrasted with the Koch brothers, billionaire businessmen who engage in extensive political activity, and has been viewed as a Koch adversary, although Steyer's total reported net worth is but a small fraction of that of the Koch brothers or other billionaire political activists, donors, and fundraisers (such as Michael Bloomberg and George Soros).

    Steyer's 2020 presidential campaign began on July 9, 2019, when he stated that he would be running in the Democratic primaries in an online campaign video posted to Twitter.

    Steyer with the Kenya-made belt.

    This, if well played would pave way for Kenyan Products to make their way to previously unreachable markets all over the world and boost the Buy Kenya Build Kenya initiative.