Keroche Breweries Boss' Life in Danger- Cardiologist

  • A cardiologist from Karen Hospital, Dr D. Gikonyo, on Thursday, wrote a letter requesting the release of Keroche Brewery Director, Joseph Karanja, from custody.

    In his letter, the doctor stated that Karanja had a serious medical condition.

    "He has recently undergone life saving surgery. Keeping him under police custody will greatly endanger his life. Kindly assist him in this regard," read the letter.

    Keroche Breweries CEO Tabitha Karanja in her office

    On Thursday, Keroche Breweries CEO Tabitha Karanja and her husband were arrested for claims of evading Ksh14 billion tax.

    DCI officers nabbed the couple at the gate of their factory in Naivasha.

    Together with the company's board members, they were whisked to DCI headquarters along Kiambu Road.

    They are said to have evaded tax on various products manufactured and sold by Keroche Breweries Limited, during the period of January 2015 to June 2019.

    "The audit by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) established that Keroche Breweries Limited had evaded the payment of tax totalling Ksh14,451,836,375," read a part of the statement by the DPP.

    Haji noted that the company avoided paying, VAT on products including; stamps allocated (Ksh329 million), Crescent Vodka (Ksh135 million), Vienna Ice - Quantity Variance (Ksh1.7Billion) Vienna Ice - Rate Variance (Ksh9 billion), and Summit beers at Ksh658 million.

    In terms of excise duty, Keroche Breweries is alleged to owe the taxman Ksh41 million in stamps, Ksh55 million on Crescent Vodka, Ksh233 million on Vienna Ice (quantity variance) and Ksh1.5 billion (rate variance).