Kenyans Tear Into Betty Kyallo After Lunch With Street Kids

  • K24 TV anchor, Betty Kyallo, on Friday, posted a photo of herself having lunch with street children, as a promo for her Show, Weekend with Betty.

    In the photo, available on her social media, the senior anchor is seen enjoying the company of the children, whom she identified as Kevin and Ras, as they bite into succulent pieces of chicken at a popular eatery in the CBD.

    "I spent a day with these amazing street kids, Kevin and Ras. It was so special. They showed me where they sleep, bathe, eat, buy sniffing glue, places we couldn't go and places we could go to, everything. It's just one of my best pieces," she captioned the photo.

    However, while some social media users acknowledged her gesture, a majority of them felt that the popular TV anchor was engaging in cheap PR stunts.


    Most Kenyans were of the view that Betty needed to offer the street children a long term solution, so that they could be rehabilitated and do something productive with their lives.

    Here are some comments from Kenyans:

    "So did you do anything about it or you just enjoyed listening to their stories?" Davis Haven posted.

    "You should donate to shelters, clothing and food. It's not good to post them on social media," Karani Martin opined. 

    "Even though it's a noble cause for humanity, you must not show the world via social media, that you were with some street boys and took them out for lunch. Tenda wema nenda zako (Do good and walk away)," Oboke Nelson Oboke commented.

    "To me, this is just purely PR... Betty should tell us what she did to uplift the boys from their current situation. Having kuku pono (rotisserie chicken) and taking pictures isn't that much relevant. Anyway thanks for the meal," Katies Carteas posted on Twitter. 

    "Don't just take selfies with them, buy them junk and abandon them because you have gotten what you want from them. Take them to your house and stay with them and take them to Riara School. They will even add some company to your daughter. Kila mahali selfie selfie na hakuna chenye mnado (You keep taking selfies everywhere but there is nothing you're doing)," Nobertoez Jnr criticised. 

    "Betty, do not air that piece unless you are ready for criticism, insults and all sorts of attacks. Just free advice. Thank me later," Felix Musyoka told the anchor.

    "Apart from spending time with them and buying them food, what difference did you make in their lives? Did you give them a better place to stay? Or it's just selfie things!" Kevin Odhis queried.

    "Hope your kindness to them was not only for tonight's show...find them a bedsitter and I hope they get kind donors," Rajab Muli suggested. 

    The sad thing is when I ask you wako wapi sahi (Where are they no) you won't say," Eriq claimed.